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SSCHE 2018 conference

May 21 - 25, 2018

059 53  Tatranské Matliare
GPS: E 20° 17' 8.5" N 49° 10' 36"
Tel.: +421 52 4467 446-8
E-mail: hutnik@sorea.sk

You can register for the conference online using the website. Under the links Registration/Login and Participants you can find all information how to do final registration and how to obtain the invoice. Please inform us about the payment for the Conference in advance before April 15, 2018.  Confirmation about the payment can be sent by fax or via e-mail to organizers.
Basic information
The conference is organized by the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering with assistance of the Institute of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology. The aim of the conference is presentation of recent results of research and technological - engineering solutions in the area of chemical and biochemical engineering, mechanical engineering in chemistry, control of processes in chemical and food industry, with the focus on rational use of energy sources, ecology and risk management.
The conference will take place in a charming area of Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras), in Hotel SOREA Hutník, Tatranské Matliare, between May 21 - 25, 2018.
45th Conference of Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering
Paiment before April 15, 2018
Registation fee 200 €
PhD students and students 160 €
Accompanying person 40 €
Paiment after April 15, 2018
Registration fee 220 €
PhD students and students 180 €
Accompanying person 40 €
The registration fee includes expenses for:
Conference materials
Proceedings on USB flash drive
Administration and organization
Conference Party
Rent of conference premises

Accommodation fees:
Accommodation cost in Hotel SOREA Hutník is 35 € per person per night in a double-bed room including breakfast, or 45€ in a single-bed room including breakfast.

Price for breakfast, lunch, and dinner:
Price of lunch in the hotel restaurant is 11 € and of dinner 13 €, respectively.

Transportation is individual. There is a train connection between Bratislava and Poprad and a bus connection between railway station (bus station) Poprad and Tatranské Maltiare (for timetable check the following page). For more information about international and domestic connections within Czech and Slovak Republic check the website www.idos.cz, www.cp.sk, www.eurolines.sk.

Registration and contribution application
Update: prolonged by April 15, 2018;
committee will select the final form of the presentation

Abstract submission

by April 15, 2018
Final Application and Payment
by April 15, 2018
Submission of manuscripts for Chemical Papers
by June 30, 2018

The organizing committee thanks you for respecting the deadlines for sending the texts of contributions, final application form and remittance of fees.
Preliminary sections of the conference
Reaction engineering and catalysis
Bioengineering and biotechnology
Separation processes
Environmental engineering
Risk management and process safety
Renewable energy resources
Industrial process design and control
Momentum, heat & mass transfer
Invited speakers

Prof. Kiss A. A., University of Manchester, Manchester, (UK)
   Eco-efficient downstream processing of biofuels by process intensification (plenary)

Prof. Meynen V.
, University Antwerp, Wilrijk (BE)
   Controlling surface modification to create diversity in surface chemistry and opportunities in
   applications (plenary)

Ing. Schulzke T.
, Frauhofer UMSICHT, Oberhausen (DE)
   Biomass Gasification - Conversion of Forest Residues into Heat, Electricity and Base
   Chemicals (plenary)
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