(c) 2016 Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering
The conference is organized by the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering with assistance of the Institute of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology. The aim of the conference is presentation of recent results of research and technological - engineering solutions in the area of chemical and biochemical engineering, mechanical engineering in chemistry, control of processes in chemical and food industry, with the focus on rational use of energy sources, ecology and risk management.

Due to the COVID-19 worldwide restrictions the conference will be realized online at Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering in Bratislava, Slovakia, between May 18 - 19, 2021.

MULTI-PI - Multilevel process intensification
WAS&BIO - Waste and biomass as sustainable energy and material sources

A special workshops of the 47th SSCHE conference.

Participation of students at the conference is welcomed. For 47th SSCHE conference we will organize student POSTER AWARD with awarding of three best posters judged by scientific committee. Students can register for the poster award in conference system.
May 18 - 19, 2021

Place of organisation of conference:
Institute of chemical and environmental engineering
Faculty of food and chemical technology
Radlinského 9
812 37 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 259 325 250
E-mail: sschi@stuba.sk

You can register for the conference online using the website. Under the links Registration/Login and Participants you can find all information how to do final registration and how to obtain the invoice. Please inform us about the payment for the Conference in advance before May 1, 2021.  Confirmation about the payment can be sent by e-mail to organizers.

Registration and contribution application (lecture, poster)
April 18, 2021
Registration and contribution application (poster only)
May 1, 2021
Abstract and full-text submission

by May 1, 2021
Final Application and Payment
by May 1, 2021
Submission of lecture and poster video presentation
May 16, 2021
Submission of manuscripts for Chemical Papers
by June 30, 2021

Basic information
47th International Conference of Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering - Online
Reaction engineering and catalysis
Bioengineering and biotechnology
Separation processes
Environmental engineering
Risk management and process safety
Industrial process design and control
Momentum, heat & mass transfer
Material engineering
MULTI-PI - Multilevel process intensificaton
WAS&BIO - Waste and biomass as renewable sources
Payment before May 1, 2021
Registation fee 100 €
PhD students and students   80 €
Payment after May 1, 2021
Registration fee 120 €
PhD students and students 100 €
The organizing committee thanks you for respecting the deadlines for sending the texts of contributions, final application form and remittance of fees.
Preliminary sections of the conference
Invited speakers

Will be specified later.
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Characterisation of waste and biomass as sources of renewable energy and materials
Thermochemical and thermal processes and technologies for waste and biomass conversion (pyrolysis, gasification, combustion, etc.)
Biofuels, bioenergy, biorefineries
Anaerobic digestion of waste and biomass
Design, modelling and simulation of waste and biomass conversion
Scope of the WAS&BIO workshop
(c) 2016 Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering
Basic Information
Place of Conference
Chemical Papers
SSCHE-Registration/ Log in
SSCHE 2021 online conference

Scope of the MULTI-PI workshop
    Process design, intensification and assessment considering various criteria, e.g.:
Intensification level
Process safety
Environmental impact
Process controllability
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